Healthy You Program FAQ's

Q: What is Healthper?

A: Healthper inspires people to lead their lives with greater health, energy & promise. Healthper provides turnkey well-being solution that is tailored to the unique needs of a sponsor population. Healthper’s tailored engagement strategy increases participation and drives behavior change towards measurable Health outcomes. Members are engaged using personalized programs, targeted communication, activity or outcome-based incentives.

Q: What is the problem that Healthper addresses?

A: Health care costs in the United States are high and rising. The costs are becoming unsustainable for both individuals and employers. The rise in health care costs can be almost completely attributed to the rising rates of mostly preventable and manageable chronic diseases, which account for more than 75 percent of the $2.2 trillion we spend every year on health care. Healthper aims to provide the tools and guidance that guides in how individuals can prevent and manage health conditions to effectively reduce their health care costs.

Q: How is Healthper different than other programs?

A: Most well-being solutions take a one size fits all approach. They typically have limited engagement capabilities and are difficult to scale across a broad population. In contrast, Healthper offers a fully customizable and adaptable well-being program for a broader population that is supported by a hyperbolic incentive model. Healthper’s offering recognizes the need to effect positive change in members lifestyle by helping them reduce their health risk factors via individualized support and positive incentives that are based on their own health risk profile and motivations. Some of the key differentiators are:

  • Employer segment specific well-being programs/incentives.
  • Customizable member portal and member communications.
  • Cost-effective and rapid customization of the Health and Well-being solution.
  • Activity or Outcome-based Challenges can be Individual, Team or Company-Wide. Challenges can be restricted to incentivize verified inputs.
  • Empowers the benefits administrator with tools and resources to engage their population and measure effectiveness of the program.
  • A unified experience across the health management and well-being activities for the member and the sponsor of the population.
  • Q: How does Healthper engage member?

    A: Healthper works with the sponsor to create a custom engagement calendar for the members based on the program definition. Members are engaged through multiple communication channels like email, SMS, IVR and Snail Mail. Communication is tailored based on the level of participation and contain Announcements, News Letters, Motivational Messages, Nudges, and Reminders. Healthper also provides well-being campaign posters, email templates, digital teasers etc to the employer.

    Q: What types of companies are currently using Healthper program?

    A: Healthper programs are currently being used in manufacturing, retail, technology, accounting, health system, marketing and many more types of companies.

    Q: What is the typical organization size and profile that healthper has served?

    A: Healthper has served populations of size 50 to 25000+. The populations smaller than 100 are through broker relationships. Healthper’s has built a powerful administrative platform that allows managing these disperse implementations easily.

    Q: Who administers and manages the program?

    A: Healthper is a turnkey health enhancement solution, supported by a seasoned client services team. At the time of implementation, clients are assigned a dedicated Healthper implementation manager to ensure a smooth transition for both the employer and employees. The program provides an array of ongoing support services including a dedicated well-being manager, a web portal with all web content, a call center, and vendor management.

    Q: How long has Healthper been in business?

    The Healthper program was launched in the United States in 2010.

    Q: How does Healthper measure engagement?

    A: Healthper attaches an engagement score to various activities including readiness to changes, personal challenges, company - wide challenges, well-being survey, tracker, educational and awareness content and so on. These scores are weighted with respect to the engagement need and the impact on the behavior change. The score is used to measure the engagement. Furthermore, Healthper allows for the customization of the engagement score for built-in or custom activity to create unique personalization of engagement metric for a client.

    Q: Does Healthper provide health assessment?

    A: Yes. Healthper provides a standard health assessment that is segmented in multiple sections. It provides education and instant feedback on possible health risk.

    Q: Does Healthper allow customization of the health assessment?

    A: Yes. A client can substitute their customized health assessment or well-being survey, and the program can utilize the corresponding responses. The client can also create a new health assessment within the program or modify any existing assessment section provided.

    Q: Does Healthper allow the client to augment solution with their own well-being resources including content?

    A: Yes. Healthper allows a client to include available well-being resources or content. These can be augmented with the existing content and delivered with specific triggers to population sub-segments. Healthper has extensive well-being content on key educational well-being categories, as well as for trackers, companywide challenges, health tips, etc. that can be edited or augmented. Additional authored or sourced content can be installed within the platform to create a fully tailored program. Content can be delivered through multiple modalities including web, mobile, email, paper etc. Personalization is allowed at any level of program segments down to the individual. Custom content can be integrated along with the program activities.

    Q: Does Healthper system analyze outcomes or engagement?

    A: Yes. All data is recorded at an individual level. The data is made available as aggregated and anonymous when HIPAA consent is not available. For personalized intervention data is made available at Individual level.

    Q: Does Healthper provide personalization?

    A: Yes. Healthper provides multiple levels of personalization. The program portal can be personalized to the sponsor’s well-being brand. The program sponsor can select from an existing catalog of components based on population insights including program tracks, companywide challenges, user interface style. Employers can add verified or self-reported activities like cancer awareness walk, a submission form for gym activity, blood donation, cancer or mammogram screening, well-woman exam and many others. Member can select program tracks, challenges, set goals, attend webinars, lifestyle coaching modules and much more.

    A: Healthper's program personalization engine customizes activities, personal challenges and goals based on the program track selection, demographics, coaching outreach, lifestyle, and measures of members. The program communications are personalized for program and members. These include program announcement, brochure, challenge communications, nudges and reminders, motivational quotes, healthy cooking recipe & tips, healthy minutes newsletter, preventive care reminders and more. Healthper platform has a declarative rules engine that can manage the rules that act upon the engagement and outcomes to create a personalized intervention. There is a library of rules that are created for the pass/fail and demographic criteria. These rule-sets can be managed and augmented with new insights on a periodic basis. Any engagement or activity can be associated with these rules. This provides a dynamic stratification of the population and reduces the manual analysis of the data elements. The platform allows admins to create templates for specific program interventions with specialized rules and apply across population segments. Custom scripts can easily be added to analyze the outcomes and then further drive the personalization.

    Q: Does Healthper administer incentives?

    A: Yes. Healthper supports activity and outcomes-based incentive administration. Any engagement or activity can be tied to a participation score and a token value. Healthper provides a centralized repository for all the member earnings along with an ability to redeem them.

    The scoring model can be based on health outcomes or engagement level. In the employer well-being product, we use the score as an engagement metric. Each type of activity is associated with a specific score value. The types of activities include Readiness to Change, Completion of a Challenge, Completion of a Tracked activity, Completion of an Education activity etc. Note that this model can be configured using the administrative portal for any population segment.

    The tokens are used like reward points. The platform has a built-in rewards mall that delivers an extensive product catalog. It consists of gift cards, equivalent e-Certificates or physical merchandise. As members accumulate tokens, they can redeem them directly via the integrated rewards mall. Reports and data feeds are provided for processing the incentives through an outside party like premium rebates, HSA contributions, external rewards mall, payroll contribution, etc.

    The rewards mall catalog can be customized for any program segment or international regions. The rewards are fulfilled via our preferred reward fulfillment partner. The denomination of tokens to equivalent currency can be tailored for a population segment. The tokens can be awarded for self-reported activities, for an internal activity milestone or for completion of an externally hosted activity such as 6 telephonic coaching sessions with a well-being coach. The platform also allows for financial caps per engagement or population segment along with auto redemption.

    As an example, once member health assessment and biometric completion activity are recorded as complete, the member is the credited 50000 tokens that are redeemable for any gift card or e-Certificate in the rewards mall up to a $50 value. Other examples include:

  • An individual reaching a certain threshold or a participation level and becomes eligible for a premium rebate or additional incentive.
  • Recorded walking/steps daily for 12 out of a 30-day period and receives 5000 tokens for a given month.
  • Achieves an engagement score of 100 by completing 5 different activities in a month to get a $50 payroll credit.
  • Completes at least 4 activities from predefined sets of 6 sessions with a coach or 4 sets of online health webinar views or a companywide activity challenge to receive a behavioral credit for a $600 premium rebate.
  • Q: Does Healthper administer team challenges?

    A: Yes. Healthper administers the team challenges for their client populations. The clients can select from a huge catalog of branded challenges that come along with the communication and engagement plan.

    Q: Does Healthper support individual challenges?

    A: Yes. Healthper provides members with personal challenge catalog to pick from. Additionally, members can create time tracked personal challenges of their own.

    Q: Does Healthper support the social community?

    A: Yes. Healthper supports unmoderated and moderated communities. Members can engage in a company-wide community or can connect with the peers in their own private community or message board. Microblogs are also supported for custom topics. Communities for the challenges are also supported.

    Q: Does Healthper support well-being portal branding?

    A: Yes. Healthper supports branding and layout customization of the well-being portal. The customization is available on desktop and mobile platforms.

    Q: Does Healthper provide access via a mobile app?

    A: Yes. Healthper creates a personalized well-being portal for their client. The client portal is accessible via web and mobile. Members can also download the mobile app from the app store that preserves client program branding.

    Q: Is Healthper secure?

    A: Yes. Healthper is HIPAA compliant and ensures that member’s personal data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

    Q: Can Healthper support member credentials when email is NOT available?

    A: Yes. Healthper creates customized login credentials based on email, employee id, SSN or any other member identifier available in the client census information. The member credentials are unique with respect to a client population.

    Q: Can Healthper provide member login through single sign-on?

    A: Yes. Healthper allows its solution to be available via single sign-on through their client’s portal.

    Q: Can Healthper members access other programs offered by their sponsor through single sign-on?

    A: Yes. Healthper acts an identity provider and allows to create a unified experience for its members by combining other available programs from their sponsor. Furthermore, Healthper allows stratifying the population to deliver the personalized programs and offer incentives on completion.

    Q: Can Healthper solution be offered to dependents?

    A: Yes. Healthper can support dependent populations. Furthermore, Healthper allows targeting specialized program contents and incentives for dependents.

    Q: Can Healthper personalize activities by member data?

    A: Yes. Healthper can target specific activities to members who meet up specific data elements. The scope of these elements spans from personal information, demographics, lab data, system usage, biometric measures, psychographic profile, health risks, social determinants, emr data and much more.

    Q: Can Healthper integrate with a data management vendor?

    A: Yes. Healthper works with the client contracted data management vendor or the client internal human resource management system.

    Q: Can Healthper define incentive models with levels?

    A: Yes. Healthper can create customized levels that can be used as a requirement for subsequent levels or be used as a threshold to lift gate additional incentives. Member receives the badges based on the activity level achieved.

    Q: Can Healthper provide reports that clients can use to self-administer incentives (e.g. raffles, contests etc.)?

    A: Yes. Healthper provides engagement reports that are used by clients to incentive populations through raffles, contests or monthly payroll contributions.

    Q: Can Healthper apply incentive credits based on a file from the sponsor?

    A: Yes. Healthper can load and apply the incentive credits for various activities from a file provided by the sponsor.

    Q: Does Healthper provide support for verified activities?

    A: Yes. Healthper provides administering verified activities. The verification is received via a file feed or API from the variety of vendors like medical plan providers, dental plan providers, weight management program vendors and many more. The member can track the progress and history of the activity like any other self-reported activity.

    Q: Does Healthper support tracking devices?

    A: Yes. Healthper supports a variety of health tracking and fitness tracking devices and updates the list periodically. The device enablement goes through a rigorous pruning process before it is added to the supported list. We also work with specialized devices that track advanced health measures, upon request.

    Q: Can Healthper create incentive model for biometric outcomes?

    A: Yes. Healthper can administer incentives based on biometric outcomes. Optionally, outcome achievement reports are provided to the client for self-administration of the incentives.

    Q: Does Healthper provide membership reports?

    A: Yes. Healthper standard reports include participation, engagement, performance, health risk, cost analysis and forecast, outcome reports and many more.

    Q: Does Healthper allow to track activity progress and completion?

    A: Yes. Each engagement can be tracked for progress or completion. Engagement can consist of one or more activities or activity groups. Each activity can be tracked for progress and completion. Engagement or activity status completion can be associated with an external source. For example, the number of days that a person walked in a month, the number of miles walked, number of telephonic calls with a coach, finishing a tobacco cessation program, etc., can be used as completion indicators.

    Q: How are members engaged on the Healthper?

    A: Members are engaged through web, mobile, email, SMS, push notifications and optionally via paper mail. Each program segment can have a unique engagement experience including online and offline. The digital experience can be branded uniquely for a population sponsor.

    Q: Does Healthper aid with data collection and management?

    A: Yes. Data (care elements) is collected discretely at an individual level that is self-reported or reported from an external source. The data record is timestamped with the information on the source. Individuals can view (also edit self-reported info) the discrete data record or a care provider that has access can do so as well. Besides individual reports, anonymous and aggregated reports are made available at any population segment level.

    Q: What care data elements are collected by Healthper?

    A: Healthper collects data from health assessments, biometric screening measures, lab test results, ongoing physical activity that are self-reported or reported via tracking devices, well-being content including education and tracking that is personalized, external sources like coaching providers, etc. Note that platform allows capturing unrecognized data elements and operating on it. As an example, a test result related to EMG on neural disorders can be captured and a related personalized intervention can be created.

    Q: Does Healthper provide coaching services?

    A: Yes, Healthper provides integrated coaching services.

    Q: Does Healthper provide administrative capabilities for case managers or coaches?

    A: Yes, Healthper platform allows for case managers or coaches to manage their cohorts or interact with the population within a community. Coaches can create their personalized pathway for a profile (male age 40 with a BMI of 35 and is hypertensive vs. female age 50 with a BMI of 35 diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis). Coaches can view individual activity on sleep and walking to further tailor the exercise or stress management module, while the platform can recommend actions based demographic and other factors like clinical and other data points.

    Q: Can Healthper members view their historical data on the portal?

    A: Yes. Healthper members can view their historical information including activity and health assessment risk. Posttermination of contract Healthper reserves the right to remove member information.

    Q: Does Healthper provide educational content?

    A: Yes. Healthper has a rich library of health and well-being educational content that is augmented with new content throughout the year.

    Q: Does Healthper provide health quiz?

    A: Yes. Healthper program includes engaging health quiz to generate health and well-being awareness.

    Q: Does Healthper provide trackers?

    A: Yes. Healthper program includes the variety of trackers and allows tracking of custom metrics. The tracking includes the ability to set the desired no of entries to signal completion for incentives.

    Q: Does Healthper provide financial well-being?

    A: Yes. Healthper program includes financial well-being module with engaging tools to generate financial awareness and tracking.